Independent Financial Adviser in Berkshire

About Tony Welsh

Tony Welsh is a fully qualified Independent Financial Adviser and Financial Planner with over 25 years experience advising people regarding their financial affairs in the Thames Valley Area. Whether the advice is for young people or older people he helps with planning your financial future.  Being total unbiased and not tied to any company, you can be sure that he will aim to make your future better both now and in years to come. Let him fully explain, jargon-free, the changes to pensions following the April 2014 Budget and in force from April 6th 2015 where you don't necessarily need to take an annuity if you don't want to but opt for flexi-access drawdown. But should you go down this remaining invested option? The need for truly independent advice when coming up to retirement age is then now more crucial than ever. If you haven't seen adviser for several years, you need a review as there has been a pressure on fund charges recently and you could well be paying over the odds. Let Tony investigate.


My Background

Originally with the Prudential Private Financial Planning Services and then with Wesleyan Financial Services, Tony has now been for over 15 years an unbiased independent financial adviser with the qualifications that you are looking for when it comes to finding a local trusted adviser with your personal financial affairs.


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